HOV Environment is a global specialist in the area of unique erosion solutions either on the coast or rivers.
HOV Environment's goal is to construct innovative solutions that have minimal impact on the environment whilst solving the problem at hand.
Monsoon Response

Providing Rapid Temporary Solutions to Monsoon Flooding and Erosion

25% of India’s Coastline is prone to monsoon related erosion/flooding.

Monsoon flooding and erosion is increasing in India. Every Monsoon season temporary works are required, most efforts are too late to prevent the damage. HOV Environment have developed an in-house team to tackle this problem.

The main focus of the oceanographers and coastal engineers is to monitor ocean conditions during the Monsoon season. Once an area of significance has been identified and forecast a specialist installation team can conduct temporary works before the event takes place.

HOV Environment have a great deal of in-house experience in installing soft temporary solutions in the form of geotextile units. This form of technology for temporary protection structures have been used around India before- the benefits are:

  • The units can be pre-filled and stockpiled, allowing Rapid Installation.
  • Installation time is very quick with the use of an excavator and local labour can take a matter of days.
  • The units can be removed after monsoon season if required, otherwise it can be kept in place and ‘strengthened’ into a more permanent structure.
  • It utilises local beach sand resource. This sand can be replenished onto the beach after monsoon season, by simply cutting the temporary units.
  • Use of local labour and materials will help the local community to benefit from the works, and understand the need for such work.

Below are images of temporary geotextile structures, with HOV Environments experience in designing these structures a temporary solution can be designed and deployed within 24 hours after site visit.

The image above shows a geotextile solution after a severe tropical cyclone Wind gusts estimated to have reached 290km/h helped create a storm surge estimated to have been 7m, seriously destroying property and infrastructure along the coastline.
All four of the structures took the full force of cyclone Yasi and provided the product with a real test of its capabilities.
Inspection of the structures 2 weeks after the cyclone event showed little or no damage to the actual containers. The integrity of the groynes and walls remained intact and the structures have continued to act as an erosion control barrier as they were originally designed.

HOV Environment has confidence this level of protection can be recreated across the Monsoon hotspots in India.

HOV Environment feel the Response Team will allow the Indian Coastlines to be managed and controlled more pro-actively with the aim to reduce monsoon related impact before the problem occurs.

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