HOV Environment is a global specialist in the area of unique erosion solutions either on the coast or rivers.
HOV Environment's goal is to construct innovative solutions that have minimal impact on the environment whilst solving the problem at hand.
Commercial Diving Services

HOV Environment's team of highly skilled Commercial Divers have experience in a wide range of underwater construction and survey projects. The team are all fully ADAS qualified to a minimum of level of Stage 3 Advanced Underwater Work. Below are some of the services provided:

Construction, Repairs and Maintenance

  • Submerged Geotextile Installation
  • Construction and repairs of jetties and dams.
  • Bed preparation & Block placing.
  • Underwater Welding & cutting. 
  • Ships hull repair by underwater welding and cutting, installation of sacrificial anodes, removal & installation of rope guards, blanking/plugging of sea out lets.
  • Erection of underwater structures.
  • De silting and dredging.

Survey's and Reports

  • Underwater Survey of vessel under various using CCTV, Two way communication with monitoring facilities.
  • Underwater scanning/mapping of dam walls. Sea walls and jetties.
  • Sea bed/channel bed surveys for submerged pipe lines and other structures.
  • Underwater inspection and survey of bridges and assessing the extent of damages.