HOV Environment is a global specialist in the area of unique erosion solutions either on the coast or rivers.
HOV Environment's goal is to construct innovative solutions that have minimal impact on the environment whilst solving the problem at hand.
Field Work/Surveys/Data Collection

HOV Environment have a diverse set of fieldwork equipment and experience staff which include but not limited to:

Drop-cameras, Acoustic Current Doppler Profilers, Transportable Bathymetry Survey Systems, FLNTU turbidity sensors, LISST (Laser In-Situ Scattering and Transmissometery) particle analyzer, salinity gauges for plume dispersal deployments (FSI and Odyssey), Aqua dopp Wave/Current Meters, field GPS units, temperature thermistor strings, video sled for seabed transects (used to over 120 m depths), equipment sleds for data collection in moving water (surf zone and river studies), diving equipment, a 5 x 10 m wave basin and a variety of other sampling devices, mounts, frames and measuring instruments